Italian wool Felt Slippers
  • Handcrafted
  • Independent Maker
  • Sustainable Living
Many of us put on slippers daily, especially in colder weather. Something we wear so often should be special. The Amore wool Slippers from Italy are a toasty, artisan addition to at-home attire.
The design is inspired by the simplicity of the Bauhaus movement, where “form reflects and enhances function.” Made from a single material, these 100% felted wool slippers are eco-friendly and machine-washable on cold (Make sure to air dry).
The over-under woven design looks great on both men and women, and it’s soft, durable, and lightweight. The open back keeps feet from getting too hot and makes the slippers easy to slide into. StepsControl strips on the soles offer extra grip and traction for climbing stairs or walking on slippery floors. Feel the feeling at your feet of Amore, and you want to go out, we introduce the stepsVIBEcontrol soles designed and made exclusively.
Each right slipper is finished with a signature pearl button. It’s a lovely hand touch that is more beautiful and practical than a scratchy tag.
Treat your feet (or someone else’s) and let your cozy wool slippers deal with the cold floor.